Done the Impossible : Never been done before-TV to Movie

Never been done before-TV to Movie

First off let me say I love this show. It is another in a legacy of TV studio's monumental stupidity that it was ever cancelled. I am a harsh TV critic...all but the original 1966/Star Trek stink...I mean "Deep Space Nine"....every problem occurs in that stupid bar...CLOSE THE DAMN BAR!!!
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Anyway, in the opening moments of this DVD some voice over says, 'we took a cancelled TV series and made it into a sucessful motion picture, and no one has ever done that before.'
Uh "Star Trek:The Motion Picture"....? Anyone....River..anyone?

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Also, "a successful motion picture"?

Judged aesthetically, yeah, there's an argument for that. But that doesn't seem to be what the voiceover quote is about; it seems to be celebrating financial success (by context, anyway). And a $38m global return on a $39m budget - well, if that qualified as successful, there'd be a lot of successful studios suddenly finding themselves bankrupt...

Alright, yeah, DVD sales, but let's not get carried away, eh?

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DVD sales count toward a movie's bottom line. The DVD sold very well so the movie turned a nice profit. Then they released the special edition DVD just recently, and it has sold quite well too. So yes, it was successful.

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Yeah, I'm one of those people that bought the bluray, but never watched Firefly when it was on tv.
Honestly, that's fair of every tv show series I have been into for many years now. Commercials? no thank you. $1000+ a year for cable? hell no, do I look rich? Waiting between episodes/seasons? Not a problem when the series is cancelled, and I can watch a full season in 2 or 3 days, or a full series in a couple weeks online.

A little background on how I came to love Serenity.

I loved Buffy and Angel, but when I heard Joss was doing a western (in space), I thought... ya know what Joss, I guess your work isn't always for me. I don't do westerns typically, and if this is some Star Trek/Star Wars influenced series, I'm not a fan of those either. Then I heard the series bombed, and I thought, good thing I didn't waste any time on that.

Then a friend had a birthday party where she wanted to watch a few fantasy films, one of which was Serenity. I'm polite, I will sit down and give it a chance. I mean, it is Joss. And her other friends insisted that I don't need to have watched the show to like the movie.

I was surprised by the value of the film. The dialogue was top notch as I would expect from Joss, and I enjoyed the theme of a dystopian future where the government insists it's a utopia. It all came together very nicely.

I looked up what happened with the series for it to have bombed and saw that reports claimed it was poorly marketed and episodes where shown out of order. That seemed counter productive and ridiculous. I still don't get that.

Then a few years later I bought the bluray, and my husband and I decided to watch the series on Netflix. The series was pretty good, a bit slow at times, but still enjoyable to see the stories of the characters from the film.

If they made a sequel film, I'd watch it.
I might even watch it in theaters, though I usually don't due to high prices and low quality viewing experience due to phone addicts and ghetto narrators. For $17 a ticket, I'd expect an usher to come kick some people out. So if people want to blame anything on low theater patronage, it's the theaters policy of "pffft, aholes will be aholes. Not our problem-- didn't you see our silence-is-golden ad? now give us two hours worth of salary for this crap experience."

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In addition, the fan-base continues to grow and grow thanks to being introduced to it on hulu and I think Joss Whedon said it best when he talked about making something that people didn't like, but loved.

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I credit Netflix, as that's where I saw the series. Netflix has introduced me to nearly every show that has been new in the recent years that I watch.

When people say a show or movie failed because there wasn't enough audience watching it on tv or in theaters, I roll my eyes. I watch little to nothing on tv or in theaters. It's a rip off.

I'd watch tv series for nothing online through whatever websites have them. (or on netflix for uber cheap)
I'd rent new movies for a dollar at Redbox.
buy blurays for under $11.

If these tv/film companies can't get that, then they don't get my entertainment money. I can borrow whatever disc I want from a richer friend for free. I wont go into debt to please the studios. I don't care what new laws they get passed to screw the american people over. Where there is a will, there is a way. I have a right, like all people on this earth, to a decent life. I will not be bullied.

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Yes, Star Trek was no longer on the air, but it ran three full seasons - 72 episodes. Every TV show that has been made into a movie has been "cancelled" if you define it that way.

Firefly had 9 aired episodes. That's it. The network wouldn't even show the other four. That's what being cancelled really is. That's what Whedon was referring to.

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Yes. Point well made. I just hate TV because this show was cancelled.

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Agreed. Star Trek ran for three years, had a follow up animated series, was wildly successful in syndication, and was set to relaunch as a new series prior to TMP. Firefly was cancelled early in its first season.

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I was a big fan of the series - as brief as it was. Not as passionate as the fans in this doc, but I liked it well enough. My impression is the movie came about because of the fans and Universal's desire to work with Joss Whedon. I never understood why Fox would cancel anything by Whedon after a dozen episodes.

Serenity didn't make back its budget in the theaters, don't know how well it did on dvd, and the show got an early ax from the network. For all the fans' passion I'm not really surprised it didn't continue on.

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I am a fan of the show and the movie. But the people in this documentary are freaks. Mullet Girl that wouldnt put the damn kid down, the medieval bards singing, the woman who told the walmart story... and on and on. Those people made me ashamed to be a fan.

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TOS was threatened with cancellation after its second season, whereupon a massive fanbased mailing campaign saved it for a third. That same fanbase could not save it a second time after that.

Joss can try to spin this story any way he likes, but he's figuratively standing on the shoulders of a giant here ("Wagon Train to the Stars" anyone?) and pretending he's really that tall.

Everything that this documentary attempts to credit Firefly with originating came from somewhere else. Bjo Trimble's name deserves a mention, also.

TOS was successful in syndication, largely because it was WRITTEN for syndication. Firefly couldn't survive the FOX airing schedule because of the whole arc-based narrative that Joss was using, which by the way he can thank JMS and Babylon 5 for. Unfortunately, he was suffering from Berman&Braga's disease, namely, the belief that he was automatically entitled to seven seasons.

We ended up with 14 good episodes, and one very bad* (imnpho) movie. That's a better success ration than most series get, and he can always write more for the universe if he likes. If what he writes is good enough, he might just get funding to revive it-- or might have, if he hadn't killed off two of his main characters.

*I have zero tolerance for retcon. Too many things were rewritten in the film for me to like it. I do credit the film, however, with teaching me to trust my instincts on films. After Serenity, when I see a preview and say, "I have a bad feeling about this," I just save my money.