Done the Impossible : This documentary is difficult to watch

This documentary is difficult to watch

I appreciate what they are trying with this. But to start off with 5 minutes of fans just introducing themselves, I almost shut it off.

Then to just randomly grab fans and have them talk for 5 to 15 seconds, about random things in the series, it just doesn't flow.

The whole documentary just jumped around too much for me, it is more just a group of sound bites than a true documentary.

Re: This documentary is difficult to watch

I had a difficult time with the Joss worship, especially for the false claims that this series was the "first" to go from cancellation to a major motion picture.

Let me see, can I think of a major scifi series that was cancelled, that spawned a massive fan base, that grew into fan conventions, and that became a major motion picture, named "[series]: The Motion Picture"?

Oh, yes, I can.

That would be the series whose selling slogan to the network was "Wagon Train to the Stars."

Can't imagine why no Firefly fans could remember it… nor why Joss doesn't seem to give credit for the idea that he exploited so well, but did not originate.

Let's just say, this documentary really should have given acknowledgement to Bjo Trimble.