Will & Grace : One of the worst sitcoms ever? Very unfunny, especially… everybody!

One of the worst sitcoms ever? Very unfunny, especially… everybody!

Will & Grace has to be one of the worst, least funny and purely bad sitcoms to ever be put on TV. Every character is.. self-obsessed, obnoxious, thinks the world revolves around them.

Not to talk about annoying and you know the flamboyantly gay person who seeks attention ALL the time for your annoyance.

It is is okay that he is gay, but he acts that is shocking and so unique and I need special attention for it all the time. "HEY LOOK AT ME, I AM GAY, ISN'T THAT SHOCKING AND UNBELIEVABLE!".

No, man. It is not. Nobody cares if you are gay or not, so please stop overacting, it is not fun or entertaining, in any way shape or form. Period.

I have several gay friends and they do not act like this, however I did work for a short time with a guy that had to mention him being gay, and making jokes about it, and sexual innuendos about gay stuff ALL THE TIME. Think people got annoyed? Everybody knew he was gay and had no issues with it, but he used all this time to try and get attention for it, to the frustratrion of other employees.

Fortunately people like this will perish with time when being gay gets more openly normal. Wake up! Being gay is pretty normal, and you don't need to throw a personal parade every single day at work, and make gay jokes about
either hooking up or trying to persuade straight male employees to explore gay
sex life. Ironically, if this had been a man doing this to a woman he would be
sued for sexual harassment at work.

Sure, be who you are and dress like you want to if it makes you feel better about yourself, but please do realize that most other peope don't care that much.

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1) This show ended almost 10 years ago. What's up with coming on here just to complain?

2) This was the first prime time American show that depicted openly gay characters in it's main cast. First. It was groundbreaking.

3) There are many flamboyant gay men out there. Just like every other sexuality, there are enough to make the stereotype. I knew a guy who was very similar to Jack's character all through college. The gentleman I knew was very selfless and giving, but he was out there and extremely flamboyant and open.

4) Perhaps true for 'white collar' jobs, but yeah, the sexual harassment thing is crap. Men do go about making jokes about their sexual conquests, propositioning women, etc. at work, and nothing is done about it if you work behind a counter or at a register. Not that I would wish it on anyone, but you've barely gotten a taste of what it's like for women (because there is one guy like that at every min. wage workplace) and you are throwing a temper tantrum. It's pretty standard fair, actually. Most men do not behave like that, but there are enough out there where every work place has one (who usually goes unchecked).

5) Have you seen the fits being thrown about marriage equality? We finally FOLLOWED the constitution and stopped states from restricting rights based on sexuality. What do you get? Oh this isn't constitutional, my state should get to decide. Meanwhile, we had this same decision 50 years ago so we could have interracial marriage. People do care… a lot of people. To say they don't is silly. Then add to that that this was - again - 10 -15 years ago.. and it was a different time. 2004, MA was the first U.S. state to allow marriage between same sex individuals. This show ended in what? 2006?

I tell ya, some people have no common sense.

I think I'm a sofa.
I know how you feel.

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This wasn't the first American sitcom with a gay character. That would be Soap. Billy Crystal played a character named Jody Dallas, that was in 1979. Also, Ellen DesGeneres played a gay character in her sitcom in the mid 90's before Will & Grace. I disliked the way Karen and Grace referred to Will and Grace as " Mary" and other feminine nicknames and pronouns, the plot lines were poorly written and nonsensical, and the acting was subpar. This show did well specifically because it was on tv the same night and on the same channel as Friends and Seinfeld.

The most disappointing aspect was the depiction of the gay characters. You had Jack, who was a one dimensional fruity stereotype, and you had Will, the gloomy sexually repressed one. The writers could have done much better but both characters. They could have provided Jack with a lot more ldepth and given Will a sense of humor. Both characters deserved sex lives and romantic relationships.

I expected there to be a subject thread on the topic of Will never having kissed a guy onscreen(or Jack for that matter). And I'm baffled there isn't one. How can you have a show starring gay characters but not show then kissing other men? If you're going to stepnup to that bell, you may as well ring it! This was the biggest failing of the show; it depicted gay men as something for straight people to laugh at, not with.

I tried watching this show when it debuted and tried afterward. Personally it wasn't for me. I didn't find it funny or clever, well acted or well written. Their depiction of gay men was pretty insulting.

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I think, Krakkety, you're biased against the show because it's exploitative in a way. Maybe it is, but as far as the comedic aspect, I couldn't disagree more. I couldn't. Will and Grace is THE funniest comedy I can think of. The actors and the writing are both perfectly, ridiculously hilarious, especially Eric McCormick.

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Well this show was one of a kind back in it's heyday. Nowadays, it's totally normal for TV shows to have openly gay characters but back in the day it wasn't all that common; back in the late 90s when this show was kicking off, it was truly original.

Also, this show has been off the air for 9 years. Why are you so upset about a show that's been over for nearly a decade?

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There are times I feel the same way; upset with the characters and have to vent! It was the writing that bothered me the most; giving and taking IQ points from Grace, the boring persona of Will, and the ridiculousness of their friends who were just as dull and unintelligible at times! No group I know are so insecure, hypocritical, and selfish as each of them!

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Will & Grace was a good sitcom for it's time. It did focus on gay stereotypes, but I think for that particular time that was the only way they felt they could introduce gay characters that were regulars on a tv series to the public. I used to watch it a good bit, and I still think a lot of the jokes are hilarious, but I don't think it will stand the test of time due to those stereotypes. Will and Jack are just two of many different types of gay people out there. In fact, I would say most gay people are not nearly as exciting as they were portrayed in this show. With that said though, this show needed to happen in order to open the door for future series to introduce gay characters that were just "regularly" acting. Roseanne actually already did exactly that in the 90's, but Leon and his boyfriend turned husband (since they got married on the show) were not regulars on the show and we only saw them on select episodes. We now have Modern Family, which in my opinion is a really wonderful portrayal of gay people because it doesn't focus on the fact that Cam and Mitch are gay, it just shows them as being a loving couple with a child. Sure there are some stereotypical gay characteristics of Cam and Mitch, but for one there are gays that fit the stereotype, and secondly Modern Family doesn't focus on those characteristics and shows Cam and Mitch as just regular people. For instance, Cam is a football coach. I doubt we'd have two gay characters that are main characters on TV being portrayed like Cam and Mitch though had Will & Grace not opened the door for it. I no longer watch Will & Grace because I feel that even less than 10 years since it's ended, it's dated and not relevant to the times anymore like a lot of old classic sitcoms are. At the same time, I am grateful that the show happened.

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I'm not gay and not from USA but this is one of the best shows ever created - it's replayability(new word) is massive

If u don't like it - move along…

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I think it's one of the funniest sitcoms-ever. And most well-written too. The writing was so sharp and witty, especially during the early seasons.
For me it's right up there with Friends and Seinfeld. All equally funny, but in different ways.

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Many funny moments, but how does it rank overall? Certainly not one of the four leads would be anybody whom I would want to be friends with. The characters I like best are the recurring guest performers, in fact the ones who play all of their parents, particularly three of the moms: Debbie Reynolds, Suzanne Pleshette and Blythe Danner. While I can laugh at some of the lines by Jack and Karen, I wouldn't want them as part of my crowd. So I can find many things to laugh at, but overall, not one of my favorites. Karen to me was a rip-off of Suzanne Sugarbaker, and while I've known many Jacks in my lifetime, they were never people I would trust enough to want to even try to get close to.

"Great theater makes you smile. Outstanding theater may make you weep."

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I understand where you are coming from and agree with a lot of your observations. It is really overwritten to be funny and the stereotypes are too extreme. It has some great lines but there are just too many of them for reality and authenticity. The show revolves around the lines rather than the lines coming out of the situations. The cast do a good job with what they are given to do but the funnies are telegraphed and become hackneyed after watching a few episodes.
I really wanted to like this show and was disappointed that I didn't get into it when it first arrived.As it is being shown again every morning I have seen it a lot and have realised why I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

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I have to agree. I thought I would love this but it gets worse every time I see it. Megan Mullaley has a voice that could cut diamond and half the time she is so shrill I cannot make out what she is saying.
Sean Hayes performance is far too over the top and he unbalances the whole thing.