The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause : No reason to have a baby on Christmas!

No reason to have a baby on Christmas!

So seriously, not the only issue with this movie, but why in the world would Santa and his wife get pregnant with a due date anywhere near Christmas? It's the one time of year Santa is not going to be home or have free time, which was a major plot point.

Oh Elizabeth Mitchell, I'm glad you are on LOST now and this was not the "highlight" of your career after Gia.

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You think just because they're in the league of mythological holday figures or whatever it is, they have anymore control over when a baby's going to be born than anybody else does?

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They certainly have control over when they try to have a baby, just like the rest of us do. Now, if Buddy was an "accident" then that's a different story.

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Hm, I'd love to see some treatment of this in yet another sequel -- addressing the issue of kids born around Christmas.

Not only did the delivery make things difficult for Santa that Christmas Eve, but every year, for the rest of his life, he will have to make time, during the last minute preparations and chaos and putting the tree-topper on, he will have to make time to give Buddy a birthday party.

Buddy will have to endure what millions of other kids go through -- all year long, seeing other birthday parties with the whole "your special day" bit -- and then, on December 24th, wondering if he'll get the cake and ice cream and the big pile of presents.

Will Buddy be an angry and resentful little guy?
((holding a gun): "Gimme a cake with candles, or this reindeer gets it!")

(Anyway, as to the timing. There would be some push-back to any suggestion that the Clauses use condoms or any other planned parenthood. So things would happen naturally.
(And you would expect the Clauses to do most of their 'relaxing' in the January and February months. I suppose that usually would mean children arriving in September.
(But the Head Elf here said something to the father-in-law about using 'frozen time' or 'time freezing' effects while delivering toys. Perhaps that affects little Buddy's gestation time, or maybe it is just that the mother and father are now "Legendary Figures" or immortal or supernatural ... so maybe the nine months thing doesn't apply.)

But (to get off that tangent) a
"Santa Claus V: Buddy Demands A Real Birthday Party (or else)"
could be a real hoot. It's a subject that doesn't get any attention at all.

(Well, there's last year's xkcd. )

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I'm sure his mom and some of the Elves can make it for his Birthday. Also now his grandparent, and the other humans can come there he can have family there. The hard part would be to get Santa to take enough time for his party. But if anyone can do it Santa can.

Heck I'm sure all the legendary figures will come as well.

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We all know Santa is a love machine and very touchy-feely, so he can't keep his hands off Mrs. Claus, no matter what time of the year. And there is nothing wrong with a Santa cooling off his icicle in Mrs. Claus.
It's just a natural thing - ask Mother Nature ;-)

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Maybe baby was an accident? Maybe they tried for a long time and it just happened when it happened and the due date was what it was.

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Like any parent who has a child born on Christmas Eve or Day (one of my cousins had a baby on Christmas Day 14 years ago), I'm sure they'd make time, and find some way to weed out the birthday presents from the Christmas presents. With my cousin's son, the way I distinguished the Christmas present from the birthday present is that I put "From Santa" (as I do for any kid) on the tag of the Christmas present, and "From Cousin Rachel" (I saved money by not buying a birthday card) on the birthday present.

It also means the kid would get presents for two days in a row (as opposed to someone who's Jewish, and gets presents for eight nights in a row, and maybe double presents if they have a birthday during that time), which may be a good thing for them, even if they'd have to wait a whole year.