Martial Arts : Looking For Name Of Movie

Looking For Name Of Movie

I've been looking for the name of this martial arts movie, I've only seen it once back in 1994 with friends and haven't seen it since but want to see it again but can't remember the name of it, all I know is the plot.

I don't remember much but here goes: it's about a young fighter who goes from town to town looking for a master, so he asks around who is the best fighter in town and then challenges them to a duel and if they win he will be their pupil but if they loose they much give him food & shelter for the night.

The story goes right into the 2nd town he gets to where he does the same but on kid sees him fight and tells him that he knows of someone who can beat him and that that person is his teacher (a shaolin monk).

So he goes to meet this monk but the funny part is the monk lives in a tree, is always sleeping or drunk, and he isn't taking on any students, but the young fighter finds out the only way the monk will come to meet face to face is if he entice him with food and he learns lessons from the monk by keeping food away from him long as he can.

Well I know that's a lot to remember for seeing a movie once but I really want to see this movie again, I've been hoping that El-Ray would end up showing it but after a year of seeing every martial arts movie they have aired, no such luck.

If anybody knows I, thanks in advance, I would appreciate it.

Re: Looking For Name Of Movie

I would say 'Shaolin vs Lama'. Watched it not to long ago and matches your description perfectly. Good old skool kung fu flick.

Hope this helps.

Yes Shaolin Vs. Lama Is It!

YES YES YES, that's it that's it, "Shaolin Vs. Lama" is the movie, you just don't know how happy I am for you giving me the answer.

Sorry it took so long for me to respond, just been really busy during the holidays; but thank you again for finding out the name of that movie.