Documentary : The Spymasters: The CIA in the Crosshairs

The Spymasters: The CIA in the Crosshairs

I watched this doc on Showtime last night. I came to IMDB this morning as one does.
There is no listing for it.

It has all 12 living former heads of the CIA being interviewed & walking you through history from 9-11, WMD, Torture (sorry its called interrogation measures) to current Daesh (ISIS).

What would you do if there was good intel that there was a nuclear weapon in NYC and you had thee one man who could tell you where it is? You don't have time to make friends with this guy-people are going to die
...anyway it goes into questions and topics like that.

Really interesting doc I would recommend. They certainly are no mincing words when it comes to mistakes made an the current administration.

So why no listing?

Why no place to discuss?

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