The Day the Earth Stood Still : Why did Klaatu say his own name?

Why did Klaatu say his own name?

So of course the movie is on right now..and I've seen it numerous times. Only now did I even realize that one of the all time great movie lines, "Klaatu Barada Nikto" which, in the original was said by Helen Benson is said in this remake, by Klaatu…So why would Klaatu say this line? He's saying his own name to Gort who knows Klaatu..When I saw this in the movie theater, I didn't even know he said it until my sister told me.(couldn't understand it).
Another one of the many ridiculous moments in this "never should have been made" remake.

Re: Why did Klaatu say his own name?

In th original. She is saying it to show gort tht it comes from klattu as klattu is dying / dead. In the new film, apparently the phrase was said in homage to the original