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American Masterchef

Sky is now treating us to AM 2010 - five year old shows but not five year old prices. However - I couldn't believe the extent of the fakery on this show. Everybody reacts hysterically to everything. The standard of cooking is dire - the contestants are arrogant and annoying - the judges even moreso. We have the misdirection -"I'm sorry to tell you.....you've won !!!"- This dish is a huge problem for me.....I want to eat it all !!!.
The judges pretend to disagree - "have the balls to go out there and tell her you're wrong"....hang dog judge is then greeted with hysterical hugs and tears. And do the judges really have to tell us who and how successful they are in EVERY intro? Compared to Australian British and New Zealand MC's this is an abomination. I leave out South Africa because they couldn't find any chefs worthy of that title - their final being a cookalong with Marcus Pierre White. It was laughable. I hope that American MC quiets down and gets serious or I wont be watching it in future.