Ring of Honor Wrestling : Rhett Titus Speaks Out

Rhett Titus Speaks Out

Rhett Titus Addresses Kenny King Jumping Ship To TNA

As noted earlier here on the website, TNA is looking to increase their X division roster, offering deals to Kenny King and Mason Scorpio Sky Andrews. King signed with the company, but there is no confirmation that Andrews has also signed as we reported last week here on the websites.

Speaking of Kenny King, his former ROH tag-team partner Rhett Titus recently spoke to SportsTownChicago.com about his former tag team partner Kenny King leaving ROH for TNA. Here is what he had to say

I trained there, I came up through Ring of Honor and I made my name through Ring of Honor. If I was ever presented with that opportunity, I would never want to leave ROH that way. No offense to Kenny or whatever happened there, but Id want the proper send-off. I wouldnt want to burn my bridge going out and ROH has done a lot for me and Ive done a lot for ROH as well. I would just like to go out on a high note instead of a low note and a big press release being written and everybody questioning me. It sucks for Kenny that he had to leave the way he did and he didnt have the proper sendoff that all your other ROH stars that have moved on have gotten.

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Re: Rhett Titus Speaks Out

I wonder if they will use Kenny King right of if he will get lost in the shuffle? Some people seem to get used right at first then forgotten about or stopped getting used right after and some released.