Mad Families : The Racial "Joke-off" Is Only Funny Scene…

The Racial "Joke-off" Is Only Funny Scene…

I managed to see this brand-new Crackle original comedy the other day. Charlie Sheen and Leah Remini head up a cast of 3 families of different racial backgrounds who compete for a camping spot on one 4th of July weekend, and all chaos ensues. Dennis Quaid has a little cameo as the park ranger, and producer David Spade as an intervention specialist. LOL

I managed to chuckle a few times throughout this, particularly at the series of racial jokes in the "joke-off" scene, but other than that, this is a pretty forgettable and unfunny film. I read one IMDb user say it best I guess – which it's "not bad for free". I sure wouldn't pay to see this.. LOL

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