xXx: Return of Xander Cage : Passes 100 million in China

Passes 100 million in China

xXx 3 may have not been a huge hit in the US, but so far it has been doing great in China. In it's first 6 days over there it has already grossed 100 million. Right now it's world wide gross is 272.3 million.

I think a xXx 4 just became a lot more likely.

Re: Passes 100 million in China

It's only cause they marketed it well not around Vin and thus appealed to the audience.

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Re: Passes 100 million in China

I didn't feel like checking on the internet, but I'm going to assume that the movie has earned at the same pace since then, so by my calculations this movie has made a shade under 7.86 trillion dollars in China and 19.71 trillion dollars worldwide. Congrats!