xXx: Return of Xander Cage : Met Vin Diesel at the gym! Nicest man I've ever met!

Met Vin Diesel at the gym! Nicest man I've ever met!

Wow. Where to start with this story. It has been my new years resolution to hit the gym a little more. I played ball in highschool but ever since I've really packed on the pounds and gotten a little chubby around the edges. I moved to Hollywood after college and being around all these drop dead gorgeous people 24/7 a flabby little grub like myself can feel pretty sensitive so I usually go to a 24hour gym around 2am on a friday. Not so many people in there around then. Maybe just a few dudes hanging around in the showers.

Anyway the other morning I was struggling on the bike machine and then a guy came up to me and said hi with a huge smile on his face. I was taken by surprise because I was so used to excercising in silence (try to stay oblivious to whats going on around me) and then my surprise grew even larger when I saw it was freaking Vin Diesel standing in front of me!!! He said he likes the privacy around this time in the morning too. He offered to help me out with my workout. I was embarrassed but he would not take no for an answer. He started adjusting my form and really pushing me! He freaking helped me show that machine who the boss was! And the boss was me! He even noticed that I was about to pull a muscle in my thigh and he picked me up off the machine and lifted me to the ground and started massaging it. He's pretty great with his hands I never even felt any pain.

He congratulated me on my workout with a hug and asked me if I felt like going back to his for a post work out steam. Unfortunately I had something on the next day so I couldn't do it. But I just wanted to give Vin a huge shout out and say what an awesome dude he is to help a struggling lardo out on his journey to fitness.

Hope you read this Vin. You're my hero!

Re: Met Vin Diesel at the gym! Nicest man I've ever met!

You should have taken that steam with him bro, that's where the men seperate from the boys. :)