xXx: Return of Xander Cage : Favorite scene

Favorite scene

My favourites were

The grenade scene with Vin, Donnie and Deepika at the table.

Nina Dobrev's introduction.

Donnie Yen's fight scene at the end.

And weirdly enough I loved Tony Jaa's crackpot character, grey hair and all!

Re: Favorite scene

Nina Dobrev ? laughed so hard ?
And Rory McCann singing at the end! Maaaan ????

Re: Favorite scene

I gave this movie five million points for Rory McCann singing gospel. Then I deducted 4,999,995 because the rest of the flick didn't maintain similar standards.

Re: Favorite scene

I gave the movie five million points for Rory McCann singing gospel.

Don't go to the cinema.You can get Gospel at church every week for free.

Re: Favorite scene

That grenade scene got me wishing it would blow them all up. What a bunch of nonsense that was.

Hey moviesxxx are you 12?


Re: Favorite scene

No but you must be, who else would spell dumbass with dollar signs.

Re: Favorite scene

That's all you can come up with $$ dollar signs.


Re: Favorite scene

climbing a tower in ski boots, and at the top of the tower theres a pair of skis waiting for him