Rings : Should you see this movie?

Should you see this movie?

If you are a fan of the original, then I would say yes. You owe it to yourself to see Rings, if for no other reason than wash the bad taste of The Ring Two out of your mouth.

Rings is by no means a cinematic masterpiece, but IMO it's passable. I'd give the original a 9, Two a 3, and this one a 6. It might actually only be a 5, but my nostalgia for the original film might impair my ability to be objective ever so slightly.

I feel that this movie is good enough to stand on its own, as it references enough from the first film to explain what is going on. In fact, I believe if The Ring didn't exist, Rings would be getting better reviews. The first film just set the bar so high. When Samara first climbed out of the tv I got chills. Now it's kind of like, "Yeah, ok. She does that."

Rings is similar to The Ring in that the protagonist spends quite a bit of the movie trying to put the pieces together (a la Rachel) and figure out what Samara wants. I thought the score was very good and the acting not bad (I felt Galecki did a nice job stepping out of his usual comedic roles, and the rest of the actors were so-so).

This won't be a film you'll be taking about for years, but it's worth your $11, or whatever a ticket costs where you live.

Re: Should you see this movie?

Ring 2 is so long ago, I doubt it has any lasting impression in anyone's mind… the best medicine for something bad though, isn't something mediocre… I would recommend then to just go back and watch the original Japanese films and Verbinski's masterpiece remake.

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