Superman Returns : Best part

Best part

Was the opening plane scene. Had my adrenaline flowing. Then the rest was a total let down. Slow pacing, boring story, made Superman a lovestruck obsessed stalker, and most importantly a very very annoying little boy.

Re: Best part

The plane rescue is incredible, first the classic music, then speeding past the fighter planes 'we got something coming up fast' landing on the plane and using the heat vision.

That whole scene is brilliant.

It's a shame they didn't build from there and have a physical villain to test him in the final third of the film.


After watching Man of Steel, Superman I and II along with Superman Returns, SR is my favorite. It felt like the best of Donners version, with more old school Supes nods. Like the look of the Daily Planet. Dropping the run away car in the iconic first cover Superman Action Comics pose. Shooting the falling glass with his geat vision was a clever use and a cool scene. The glass bottom boat being lifted by having the crystals coming up from beneath. The idea of how dangerous Krypotonian technology is. Lois being the nosey little thing like she is and getting into trouble. Lex was played very well in my opinion as far as continuing the Gene Hackman performance. Yeah I liked how it wasn't this epic brawling some big bad guy film. It was more of why Superman is so attached to the humans he protects. He is in love. He now has a child. People call him a stalker in this film. If you were him and the woman you love moved on without you, you wouldn't at least look and see how she is doing? Come on.. x-ray vision. It's getting used.

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I am sure you are aware the superman comics were written but Jews to explain the Jewsih plight and have the USA accept them more.

A man born on another planet, comes to earth and is not accepted.

Like the Jews not having a homeland and being refugees.

the 9/11 symbol of planes attaching America must be noted. The Supermans motto was in the original, "Truth Justice and the American way"

This is the clear affiliation, when you know that Hollywood ib basically a Jewsih production centre,previously from Germany pre World War 2.

You can also see the pentagon miliary budget seepinging into the Hollywood films.

99% percent of people cannot see propoganda, hence why its possible to get away with it.

There is Black, White and Grey Propoganda, usaully consciously and sub subconsciously has direct effect.

Good luck with learning.