Uncharted 2: Among Thieves : Uncharted 3 time period?

Uncharted 3 time period?

When is it going to be set? From the fact that Sully is mentoring Nate and his house gets burned down suggest to me it is a prequel. So that means no Elena and maybe no Chloe. OR it is mostly flashbacks and it also follows from UC2?

What do you think/know?

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Re: Uncharted 3 time period?

I had assumed that it followed on from Uncharted 2 - but then I have nothing to really base that on, other than I think Drake possibly looks a tad older in the trailer? I don't think there is gonna be absolutely no Elena, but I think it's that the focus is more on Drake and Sully.

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It's definitely after uncharted 2, I can only assume Elena and Chloe will both be making appearances at some stage, but in an interview from twitter questions, two guys working on the game said it takes place a year or so after the 2nd one, Sully's house is probably burnt down because he owes someone money lol!

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Re: Uncharted 3 time period?

Yeah its definitely not a prequel - both Elena and Chloe appear in the game's newest trailer. However I remember hearing there is going to a prequel game on the PS Vita.

Re: Uncharted 3 time period?

why on earth would you think his house is burned down?!