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My Movie Cast

I have no idea why I've been thinking about this lately, maybe all the awards shows and things putting lots of celebrities in our faces, but I've been casting this movie in my head...

Nate - Gerard Butler
Elena - Kristen Bell
Chloe - Olivia Wilde (if she can pull of an English accent)
Sully - Bruce Campbell
Lazarevic - Jason Statham
Flynn - In a perfect world, Gavin Rossdale would play this part, but I have no idea if he can act at all.

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A joke post, don't you have better things to do?

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I think Chloe is meant to be from Australia or New Zealand, not the U.K.

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Yes the actress who plays Chole is Australian, so I always thought of Chloe that way.

Tarakeet, I disagree with Gerard Butler- I think he is too old to play Nate now and not handsome enough (no offense to Mr. Butler) he does have the right attitude though.

Here's who I think should be cast (with pics):

Nate: Eddie Cibrian (dead-ringer for Nate)
http://www.whyfame.com/gossip/2009/july/22/eddie_cibrian_gets_divorce_ main_11106.jpg
or Chris Evans (excellent young actor and very good at action-scenes)
pics: http://www.cine5x.com/fotos/chris_evans_1.jpg
http://www.gmanreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/push-chris-evans -dakota-fanning.jpg

Elena: Rachel Taylor, she reminded me lot of Elena in 'Shutter'
pic: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3671561728/nm1592225

J.K Simmons with the right hair/makeup
or Powers Boothe

Callum Blue (he doesn't look that much like him, but he would play a weasel really well)
http://www.contactmusic.com/pics/l/peapod_foundation_080208/callum_blu e_1751233.jpg

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Chris Evans is a pretty good pick. Maybe a little too young though. Gerard sounds like a good pick, but he might be to old, lol. You need a happy medium, someone in there early to mid 30's. Heck, even Nolan North could play Drake himself. But they would need a Hollywood name to sell the film better. I can't wait to see who they cast.

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Chris Evans is a great choice IMO.


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sorry mate your list is BS, i want no other than nolan north for drake, if not i can settle for chris evans, but in no way can gerard butterface butler be drake, and for elena is choose jenna fischer, kristen bell doesnt even look like elena, also she is very annoying.

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Actually the perfect Nate would be Joe Flanigan of Stargate Atlantis Fame. Talk about a dead ringer. Other than it being sci-fi, the character he played in SGA is pretty much Nate exactly and Joe looks more like Nate than any of the above mentioned people by far.


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Butler and Campbell would be sweet.

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Maybe they should just C-GEN the movie LOL That way Nate can look and sound like Nate!

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So... basically you want the game to play itself.

Save points are for quitters.

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Well no, not really... although my PS3 might enjoy the rest!

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dude the role of Nate will go to Nathan Fillion

Chris Evans has just been cast as Captain America

And that's two movies

Captain America and then the Avengers

Now that he is Captain America he will be asking for more money