Uncharted 2: Among Thieves : 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

I have to congratulate Naughty Dog. Everybody who played the games praises graphics and action, but I praise the story above all else. They really had great storylines and characters for both games, which makes great graphics and action sequences much more enjoyable. I was so curious about what will happen next in the story that I finished both games within 2-3 days. It was like watching a big summer blockbuster movie. Naughty Dog is doing an excellent job of creating Indiana Jones style entertainment. If they keep up the good work with this franchise I'm pretty sure Nathan Drake could become as iconic as Indy in the future.

I like the combination of real history and real historic characters with a fictional stories. First game involves Francis Drake and the myth of El Dorado. Second game is about Marco Polo and the lost city of Shangri-La.

I believe that any movie attempt of El Dorado or Shangri-La stories will be overshadowed by Uncharted's for a really long time.

There is no doubt that Naughty Dog will continue the franchise. Especially after incredible success of the second game. I wonder what kind of story they'll come up with at the third game.

I read some rumors on the internet about Atlantis, but there are no official confirmation of anything from Naughty Dog yet. Actually I think it could be very cool, with underwater levels and etc.

I hope they'll continue history related story materials.

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Shangri - La was the hotel in the city dude it was the lost city of Shambala (spelling?)

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Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

Shangri-La is the more widely known name for Shambala. And the game points this out when Drake mentions Shambala and Flynn was like "what?" and Drake was like, "Shangri-La" and Flynn was like, "No way." So the OP was right in a way by calling it Shangri-La. Plus I dont remember any character refering to the hotel as Shangri-La.

Anywho, I think Atlantis would be a cool story Plot devise for the next installment.

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Atlantis would be the next logical step, I agree.

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I agree with Atlantis, Nathan in underwater action is where they should take him to the next level.

Or the Bermuda Triangle, could also takes place under water. or on a plane. Would be cool to see him jump
off of airplane skydiving.

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

That's wrong.

"Shangri-La" is a fictional city that was possibly based on, or inspired by, the mythical city of "Shambhala".

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Right, and I suppose Atlantis or El Dorado have actually been found? They're all mythical places (or objects, in the case of El Dorado), and there is no one around that can tell you, with a 100% certainty, that they've never existed.

Just a word of advice, Progeny51; You really cant come in here and just tell people they're wrong without explaining your opinion properly.

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What the hell are you talking about?

I did explain. It's not my opinion. Don't expect everyone to cater to your ignorance.

No one said that any of these places are real.

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Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

My bad, I misread. You are right. Shangri-la is indeed a fictional city based on the myth of Shambala. First used by James Hilton in a novel of which I cant remember the name. However, one can argue that after this, Shangri-la has been widely accepted as a different name for the mythical city of Shambala.

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"However, one can argue that after this, Shangri-la has been widely accepted as a different name for the mythical city of Shambala."

Actually I think that 'Uncharted 2' is one of the very few instances I have ever heard the mythical Kingdom of Shambhala referred to directly as Shangri-La. Although a few James Hilton enthusiasts and historians have suggested he may have been inspired to invent Shangri-La based on the Shambhala myth, primarily due to the location and nature of Shangri-La in Hilton's novel 'Lost Horizon', there is no concrete evidence to suggest he did so and he never cited it as a source of inspiration in any disucussions of his work.

However I don't think it is fair to dismiss that he wasn't inspired by it, he was a very well-read man writing during a time of fascination with the culture of 'the Orient', so it's a possibility. But even if he did the comparison to Shambhala has only ever really been made by a handful of historians and critics. I certainly wouldn't go as far to say Shangri-La is 'widely accepted' as an alternate term for Shambhala.

But really I think we've missed the point. Both the OP and the second poster are wrong. The OP is wrong because the game only refers to Shambhala as 'Shangri-La' once or twice, in all instances as a 'dumbing down' literary equivalent to explain a piece of obscure history to a character who is a moron. The game refers to the myth at all other times as Shambhala. Consequently the second poster was wrong to criticise the game's historical accuracy which was, actually, pretty sharp. For example Adolf Hitler was indeed fascinated by the Shambhala myth and did sponsor an SS Expedition to Tibet, led by a gentleman named Ernst Schafer.

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Progeny51 Uncharted 2 is a video game, Nathan Drake doesn't have to go places that exist in real life.
btw Nathan Drake and all his buddies in the game isn't real either they are all fictional video game character.

Have you played Tomb Raider before? same concept Lara Croft goes to places that doesn't exist.

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

Did you read any of what I wrote?

I never said that these were real places or that they should go to real places.

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I like the Atlantis idea. And my gut tells me that will probably be it. /shrug who knows at this point.

There are a few other possibilities as well.

The Fountain of Youth
The Loch Ness Monster (I dont know why but this just intrigues me)
Noha's Ark
And I know there are others that I just cant remember.

As for the Bremuda Triangle idea, Science has pretty much explained that. (discovery channel, Its methane bubbles, the area is rich in lymestone which when it touches seawater produces methane) And anything "mystical" would just seem silly.

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

My list of what might be included in thmd next game is:

Flight 19
The Antikythera mechanism
Angikuni Lake
Chryse island
Bimini Road
The Baigong pipes
The Chase vault
The Lost Dutchmen's gold mine
The Voynich manuscript
Poveglia Island
The disappearing B-47
The Frederick

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

Area 51

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

Seven citys of Gold

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

Flynn and Drake were already at Stonehenge which is mentioned during that sneaking into the museum mission. I think Atlantis is probably the best course, but I don't know how Naughty Dog will pull off an underwater game...

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

I wouldnt be a massive fan of and 'Atlantis' based one because the other games have been set around places that although are well known, arnt massively well known, like i can ask many people what/where shambala is and they would just say 'what???' so i'd prefer if they set it around somewhere that isnt as well known as Atlantis.

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

Now maybe I'm just completely wrong, but as far as I know the reason they tracked down El Dorado and Shambhala was for gold. I do not think they would go to Atlantis, since its mythology does not involve a massive amount of gold or anything.

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I am thinking that for Uncharted 3, we should go somewhere we haven't seen in the games yet. Don't get me wrong, I love the artistic direction the game takes and I have loved every sight and sound. The huge temple set pieces truly have been breathtaking.
but for the 3rd installment, I'd like to see somewhere different. We've seen destroyed cities, urban environment in turmoil, mountains, jungles, Nazi ports...i mean we've seen a lot. But what i'm referring to, is more of the Tomb Raider aspect part of Uncharted...have us explore something without weapons, in the middle of the USA, or one of the Seven Wonders of the World...something that everyone can identify, just use their own take on it.
I'd like to see some African myths and lost cities, there is way to much jungle and myth surrounding that continent to not be able to do that, like Zinj for example.
Either way the 3rd game goes, I have nothing but faith in Naughty Dog's ability to dazzle me

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If it follows the pattern of the last two games, Uncharted 3 will also probably have Nate following in the footsteps of a famous historical explorer. So does anyone have any guesses who it might be?

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I think that Drake might be going to Egypt or something, they haven't done the desert yet, and I think they could do an awesome job with it!

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

King solomon's mine or Outer space??

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

Well Atlantis might be good however the thought of many underwater levels would be a bit annoying for me, i thought about something in Eygpt, like the desert as, Uncharted 1- Water and Jungle, Uncharted 2- Snow and Ice Uncharted 3- Desert (well Sand, as snow can be a desert too) and erm...palm trees...But anyway i can imagine a desert car chase and drake climbing around some cool Eyptian buildings

Something in Australia then Chloe could return as well as like an old pal or somet

South Africa

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

Telos: The Underground City of Mt Shasta

Telos is a city of the Argathan Network that is made up of over 100 cities. Its capital and seat of government is Shamballa.



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Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

what about the famous ghost ship the Mary Celeste? i mean its a good starting plot. other mythical places i think of is:

Asgard (The high placed city of the gods, built by Odin, in Norse mythology.)
Avalon (The final resting place of King Arthur)
Agartha (A legendary city that supposedly resides in the Earth's core)
Camelot (The city which King Arthur reigned.)
Iram of the Pillars (Lost city in the Arabian Peninsular)

Re: 1. El Dorado 2. Shangri-La 3. …?

I like the Asgard and Avalon idea SireLucifer.

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