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Bad theology

I haven't seen this movie, but from what I've read it sounds like it has a fundamental theological error. The protagonist is a Puritan, yet he has to redeem his soul by going on a quest? The idea of earning one's salvation through works is quite at odds with Puritan beliefs.

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Kane is not said to be a Puritan. More like a Catholic, judging by the fact that at the beginning of the film he is shown hiding for protection in a catholic monastery. The girl he saves is Puritan.

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but the father of the girl who send him to the quest and promise him salvation is puritan.

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They don't ever say he is a Puritan. At one point in the film he travels with a Puritan family and is given clothes made by them, and, while he has renounced violence, they don't make it clear what type of Christian he is.

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In Howard's stories, he is identified as Puritan but I wouldn't think Howard studied much theology. I believe he was an atheist. The idea of the character is that he has unshakable beliefs and fights evil no matter what the cost. The back story of this film was not in the Kane stories, he's pretty straight forward & no nonsense there.

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Howard did tons of historical research for his stories... which is why he ended up inventing the Hyborian Age, in order to save himself the work that never seemed to pay off. I have no doubt that Howard knew exactly why a Puritan wouldn't hide in a monastery, wouldn't worry about a demon's claim that his soul was forfeit, or any of the other claptrap this film threw at us.

Solomon Kane could base his actions on a few simple truths:
1. Nothing is able to separate us from the love of Christ.
2. That guy over there is doing serious evil.
3. Oh, look, a sword! And I know how to use it!

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In Howard's stories, he is identified as Puritan but I wouldn't think Howard studied much theology.

Howard doesn't have anything to do with the film's plot, though: nothing in the stories strongly contradicts anything that was currently known about the Puritans in the 1930s in the way this film cast his soul's redemption. That said, Kane wasn't exactly a model Puritan either, but that's another topic.

I believe he was an atheist.

Howard was raised Christian, but he seemed to be more agnostic than anything else. In any case, he was a student of history, and would've known the basic tenets of Puritanism.

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This is more an origin story which leads up to the period in Kane's life that Howard wrote about. This is Kane finding his way to God and his place in God's plan. Since God doesn't want to send Michael down to smite the Bad Guys, humans have to man up and fight, even if severely outmatched. It's not the winning, it's the willingness to face apparently insurmountable odds in defense of what's Good and Right.

Kane would, I believe, be drawn to Puritanism because it's pretty straightforward: life isn't about fun and enjoyment and warm fuzzies, it's about devotion to God and opposition to Evil. Since Kane is basically only good at one thing (kicking butt), he focuses on the gifts and talents God has given him, and uses them in a manner he feels God would approve of: kicking Evil butt.

You don't have to be born or raised as a Puritan to be a Puritan. Kane could...and as this movie has it, *did*...come to embrace Puritanism.

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You have a wonderful way with words. Very profound. You put into words thoughts and ideals everyone should follow. Thank you.