I Am Not Your Negro : This is an example of racism.

This is an example of racism.

In the macro sociology perspective, White people are not allowed to use the word N***er. By de-facto norms created by the Black race in the U.S to silence selective free speech to other races. However, the same Black race that calls Whites racists for using that word is allowed to call each other by the same word.

How is that not racist?

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How does that make this film racist? You should maybe think about what made you come here & ask that question, which ostensibly has nothing to do with it at all, and wonder why you would try to muddy waters like this.

Your statement sounds like this, given its location:
"This film complains about racism, yet here is another racist thing".

It's meaningless in other words :/

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Go to reddit. This board (which is closing down) is about the film. And if you really are curious, use Google.

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"By de-facto norms created by the Black race in the U.S"

The norms were also created by people who aren't black yet, unlike yourself, care more about making other races feel welcome in this country than we do about the horrible injustice that white people can't use racial slurs without others exercising their own free speech to respond to those slurs. What you really want is the freedom to say whatever screwed up crap you want without people telling you what they think in return, or without firing your ass for being a horrible person to be around. So unfair.

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Perfectly said.

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because im my world if your are an *beep* its nothing to do with the fact you are white or black its the fact that you are an *beep* bringing up race in angument has nothin to do with that said person being an *beep* or it shouldntget it?

Re: This is an example of racism.

Blind and downright embarrassing ignoranceraised to the level of ironyin turn raised to the level of high comedyand finally what will almost inevitably be eventual and totally unnecessary tragedy in the not-to-distant future as a result.


Coming specifically and intentionally to the board of a movie about the life of James Baldwin, to complain about African American usage of the word "n-r". Which clearly (and absolutely no doubt, quite unintentionally) shows a complete and total lack of education and/or awareness of virtually anything related to the man himself. And especially, his seemingly endless and incomparably powerful, published writings and archived speeches specifically about that very word.

No man lies so boldly as the man who is indignant.