The Purge: Election Year : Maa negro!

Maa negro!

this dude is trying so hard to act like Denzel! but I cried when he died. Hope the Red Lady will resurrect him

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Denzel is lame as HELLLLLLLLLLL !!

Yeah I said it !!!

Training Day was a good movie, but Denzel sounded so BEYOND stupidyou could've had Neil Patrick Harris aka Doogie Howser say it and it might've sounded better.

BTW don't diss Bubba..

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For the Purge Night is dark and full of terrors

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Mykelti Williamson has been an actor for almost 40 years, he is not trying to act like Denzel.

Although they have a similar look and screen presence and he's probably been compared with him through out the years and that's probably why they decided to throw in that Training Day reference.

Great underrated actor.

Death to mainstream cinema!

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Agree with you! Mykelti is a great presence in every movie he is in and unrecongizable in Forrest Gump