Manchester by the Sea : Why they closing message board.

Why they closing message board.

Now i will not be able to read people's response to awesome movie like this and haters if you don't like drama why watch them go watch John wick 2 i am sure you will like it.

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Because the little snowflakes are getting their feelings hurt and now some nervous douche at IMDB is caving into their demands. They will suffer with the message boards. Ive been coming here for 11 years and it has been one hell of a ride. Learnt so much films through these boards. Reddit ain't the same

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Because IMDb has to pay the bills (and make a sh!tload of profit) but the opinions and discussions in the message boards are antithetical to the needs of their film distributor and original content producer clients who buy the banner ads on IMDb.

It's ALL part of the hugbox echo-chamber ethos that's sweeping the internet.


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So agree with you!

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Myth: IMDB is closing down because it costs too much money to run. There's no financial incentive to keep it going.

Reality: If they really wanted to, they could monetize IMDB quite easily and, at the very least, break even on it. There are plenty of similar high-traffic websites that do just fine by selling advertising space and premium subscriptions to pay the bills.

So why is IMDB really closing down? Because too much truth is being discussed in the comments section. The ruling Establishment is slowly starting to lose control of the narrative, and too many people are catching on to the scam (government, media, entertainment, etc...) they are running.

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Are you paranoid?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Who is this???

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