Gulliver's Travels : IMDB's wrong entries

IMDB's wrong entries

IMDB claims in the soundtrack section this movie features "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga!!!
This is obviously bull. And instead the correct entry "Sweet Child o Mine" by Guns N Roses is missing.

And I don't understand why IMDB is listing Maryann Brandon and Nicolas De Toth as editors, when they are not in the credits of the movie? Only Dean Zimmerman and Alan Edward Bell are credited.

Same thing with David M. Garber as producer. He is neither in the main title sequence, nor in the end credits.

Where did IMDB get those questionable entries?

Re: IMDB's wrong entries

IMDB is mostly made up of user entered information, sometimes they check facts, but most times they don't. Only way to fix it is to report it and submit your own data.