The Tourist : I hated the ending

I hated the ending

Why the heck wrote this? M. Night Shyamalan?


Re: I hated the ending

I think you mean WHO.
Which part of the ending? Them sailing away happily ever after?
I personally loved the shot of the snipers taking the bad guys out all at once, great shot. Then I found it humorous him leaving the check. And thought it was cool that "Bond" decided enough is enough b/c he likes his choice in women and etc.
How would you want it to end?

"Destiny is a fickle b!tch" LOST

Re: I hated the ending

Don't know why everyone are furious about the ending?! It's only ending that makes the whole story work. So you wanted Alexander to appear out of nowhere and run away with Elise like nothing before ever happened?! Or you perhaps have a better idea?