Ip Man : Inferiority complex?

Inferiority complex?

Or why is the theme in every chinese movie nowadays china vs. japan/the rest of the world - and why do all of them use a cookie-cutter approach in terms of character drawing?

I recently watched Fearless and Ip Man, yes, the choreographies are good, but the nationalistic tendencies shown in these movies and the black/white characters portraied are just really lame.

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How old are you? And how much of Chinese history (especially the period portrayed in the film) you know to come to these conclusions?

How should the films have been portrayed? Perhaps something more aligned to your idealistic expectation?

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gamerice, LOL Amen, well said. haha

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Something tells me the OP has only seen 2 Chinese movies, but whatever. How does fighting Western imperialism equate to inferiority complex? How does making movie set in a time period where the Japanese slaughtered the hell out of Chinese people equate to inferiority complex. How come Hollywood can make movies where white men are are prince charming and own the crap out of Asians, but that's not considered nationalism. Are Chinese people only allowed to make movies where the villains are Chinese? By your own logic, white people would the ones with the biggest inferiority complex if you take a look at the movies Hollywood has made and continue to make.

If you're so butt hurt about this movie, I'd recommend you watch Crank 2.

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Why do the Jewish filmmakers keep making Holocaust films when there has already been thousands made?And Germany is permanently humiliated WHILE Jaoan gets "victim"status b/c the nuke. Oh, the poor, murdering, mass rapists got total war- just like the Germans, who remember where firebombed to absolutely nothing.
Japan did worse than total war on a non aggressor- China- Manchuria- the Jaoanese took special sadistic pleasure in raping cities Of Chinese women, and then killing them and their children while making the fathers watch, and then turning the Fathers into slaves or medical experiments.
The us bombed, impersonal and strategic. Japan raped…

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1) It is based on evil things that one nation has done to another.

2) It sells the movie to people who don't think.

3) There is some sentimental feelings of China and Japan

4) Everyone else has done it -

England and Nazi Germany, USA and Nazis Germany,

Bollywood - How the English treated Indians badly.

South Africa and Black rights,

USA Black rights etc.

The list goes. But to get angry over a movie -Jeebers it is just a movie after all.

Which martial art is better, China vs Japan…

It is quite funny and scary to read these threads by fruitcakes and I must be right on the internet forum'ers LOL

Entertaining movie though.

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I've just seen Ip Man 2 and 3 (the prequel called Ip Man Zero), and also knowing the mentioned movies above, and I have to agree with the OP.

Pt. 2 is about "Twister" the monster, a british boxer who, as I suppose, >accidently< killed a guy in reality, portraied like he was satan himself and Ip Man the messias himself…

Pt. 3 is about japanese spies and their underhand methods i.g.

I guess this film corporation is a direct organ of the chinese socialist party, otherwhise I can't explain how you can make a film so histrionic…

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"I recently watched Fearless and Ip Man, yes, the choreographies are good, but the nationalistic tendencies shown in these movies and the black/white characters portraied are just really lame."

These nations don't have the Movie industries like we have in Hollywood, and god forbid they make a movie with nationalistic tendencies, right? I can't even count how many movies I've wasted my time on where the central theme was "God Bless America".

And how was Donnie Yen's portrayal in Ip Man Black and white?

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And how did you watch these films? Did you use subtitles or watch it dubbed? Either way I seriously doubt you can fully grasp the dialogue which means the only tool you have to judge these measure of the acting is what you can see on screen, which is probably about 50% of everything you should take into consideration.

I'd be willing to bet you don't speak any language other than English fluently which means you don't speak any Chinese making your opinion irrelevant and without basis.

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whoa, i think you're taking it a little personally. i agree with the OP in that chinese movies, ip man 1 2, fearless, hero, true legend, etc. tend to have strong nationalist themes, but whether it's an inferiority complex at play here, i dunno. if forced to answer, i'd say there is a little of that going on, the degree to which it drives the movie is debatable i'm sure. that said, your post came across as pretty ridiculous and over the top… and i'm more sure there is an inferiority complex there than in chinese movies.

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well chineese are portrayed agianst japan becaue throughout whole thier history they were rivals and seeds of rivalry and isolation is deep within chineese culture. they have a freaking great wall of china to start with and you still raise the question? do you know ANYTHING about chineese history? you wanted realism - nationalism and isolation IS realism for chineese. sure, some characters could have done with more improvement, but thats about all.

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How many movies do you know that use Nazis as villains? The Japanese during World War 2 were just as bad, but we always forget about it because all anyone remembers is that nuking them left the population with a permanent emotional scar. If we had nuked Germany, people would probably forget about the millions of civilians that the Nazis mercilessly butchered, too, and instead focus on the "injustice" of having a nuclear bomb dropped on their country. The history books tell us that the way we ended the war with Imperial Japan was cruel and that the way we ended the war with Nazi Germany was honorable, but the fact is that war is ugly no matter how it ends, and that war wounds can take generations to heal regardless of who wins.

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I dont know whether it is the inferiority complex or not, but one thing that I thought about during this film is how I learned in, from Chinese people, how they think they're superior to Japanese. It is mostly Chinese nationalists who say that, they use China's long historic record and the fact that written language has originated in China. (yes I know that Japanese say bad things about the Chinese)

The IP Man appears to me that it was written to appeal to as many Chinese people as possible. It is definitely not a serious history representation. Yes, the Japanese were evil, but in no way should we assume, that nationalism necessarily was there, or how important of a role it played.

The only scenario they can show in movies now is that "people united" "united china" "proud china" etc etc Because that is the basis PRC uses to justify and legitimize themselves. They argue, look we united China against all these oppressors! That means they have to make the enemy look worse, and invent other enemies (Just like USSR invented Capitalist countries as the great enemy)

Has anyone noticed that the most evil Japanese officers, the ones who shot people were made to look like de-humanized caricatures similar to American cartoons? That should say something

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No, but I noticed the General was sexy, the town bully, Jin was sexy, and Ip Man was cute. The fight scenes were fun, too. Oh, and it was cool to find out that Ip Man was the guy that taught Bruce Lee. Other than that, who gives a crap. It's just a damn movie.

All genre movies have archtypes and caricatures. This is more of a Martial Arts movie than a straight forward drama. Martial Arts movies are genre movies. If this was a serious biography or historical drama, there wouldn't be more than a couple fight scenes and mst other scenes would be about Ip Man talking to his wife and a longer more detailed scenes about the occupation of Japan. This movie was made for fun and I had lots of it.