The Legend of Tarzan : This movie isnt terrible

This movie isnt terrible

Its just very dull and lifeless. It doesn't have any interesting characters, has a very cliched plot and features some of the worst CGI ive seen in a while. Not just the animals but the green screened locations. I was looking forward to the movie because I love ERB and the character of Tarzan. Sadly ive yet to see my ideal Tarzan but at least we have the old books. I almost wish the film was terrible that way you can laugh at it but it puts you to sleep. If they wanted a post origin film then give us ason of Tarzan or something.

Christoph Waltz was as usual an awful villain. Yes I said as usual. Hollywood keeps casting him in bad guy roles because of his character in Inglorious Bastards. They need to understand that it was tailor made for him specifically and was well written. He is a good actor and deserves better than these one note villains.

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I had a free rental and I'm sorry I wasted it on this. By the time the action picked up I'd lost interest. Tarzan just had no presence and Sam Jackson ruined the rest.

Re: This movie isnt terrible

Sounds like you just explained why it's so terrible...