Moon : When did you realize…….(spoilers)

When did you realize…….(spoilers)

Sam-6 was not Sam-5.

After he crashed and then showed up in Gerty's "hospital", my first thought was,

"Who brought him there? Gerty isn't capable of carrying him back. Crew is 1." That's when I knew something was up.

I knew nothing about this movie before I saw it today, so I didn't know what to expect. Just heard it was a good movie. At first I thought Sam-6 was either a ghost or hallucination. Then when it found Sam-5, it was pretty obvious. The whole clone reveal wasn't mind-blowing in the least, but it was a good take on the idea.

Also, I live overseas and haven't been home for years, so it was easy for me to understand that emotional complex he was experiencing. Obviously, I work and interact with people all the time, but they're not American. It's a kind of isolation, but for the Sams, being isolated on the moon was pretty crazy.


Re: When did you realize…….(spoile rs)

I figured it was a clone as soon as I saw him back in med bay. I had a feeling the movie was going to be about clones though When little glitches in the recordings kept happening with the wife and there was no live feed. I was calling BS on greedy Lunar Corp as soon as they said "Clean energy".