Classic TV: The 40s : 'Public Prosecutor' (1947)

'Public Prosecutor' (1947)

First American series produced on film. I saw an episode online, not bad. Much of it still exists, should be on DVD!

"It's Bucket 'o Nothing! Surprise your friends, amaze your family, annoy perfect strangers!"

Re: 'Public Prosecutor' (1947)

Probably the first produced on film, but not the first aired. NBC had trouble finding sponsors, and they decided that the 20-minute episodes were too short for their network use. They syndicated the series instead, and the first local airings I have found were in early 1951. In September 1951, it appeared on the DuMont network for a few weeks.

The first filmed series on network television was the anthology Your Show Time, which debuted on NBC in January 1949.

Re: January 1949

The modern era has been defined by academic historians as beginning in 1950, supposedly the stroke of midnight on January 1st 1950. Interesting that the first regular broadcast televison belongs to pre-modern times!

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