Classic TV: The 40s : Surviving 1949 broadcasts by ABC at the UCLA Film and Television Archive

Surviving 1949 broadcasts by ABC at the UCLA Film and Television Archive

Obviously, the "Lone Ranger" episodes from 1949 survive in various places, but here's some less known shows. Some of these shows may be terrible. Some of them might be very good. Ain't that wonderful?

Some of these series also have surviving episodes from 1950.or 1951. Or even other years! Ain't that wonderful?

I read somewhere that in the ever-popular 1970s, ABC donated their old archive to the UCLA Film and Television Archive (wish someone had done the same with DuMont's archive instead of dumping it into upper new york bay). So I looked up the surviving 1949 ABC shows in the archive. I am lazy. I cheated in my methods of search, by looking up "ABC 1949" instead of searching each show by title. So this is likely incomplete. Ain't that wonderful?

Actors' Studio (1949-03-06)

Arch Oboler's comedy theatre (1949-11-04, 1949-10-07, 1949-09-23, 1949-10-14)

Auction-aire (1949-10) (home viewers bid labels of sponsors products in order to win prizes. Ain't that wonderful?)

Club Seven (1949, unidentified issue. Format sounds similar to DuMont's "The Morey Amsterdam Show". Segments includes a Lord Buckley stand-up routine where he imitates Louis Armstrong. Erm....)

Dr. Webb of Horseshoe Bend (what was this, anyway? It's not listed on IMDb)

Hollywood Screen Test (Unidentified issue. Appearing are Sonia Sorel and Robert Quarry)

Mysteries of Chinatown (1949-12-28) (let me guess: white actors in make-up as Asians? Ugh, no thanks, I'd rather watch "Auction-aire". This doesn't sound wonderful)

Photoplay time (1949-10-17)

The Ruggles (unidentified issue. There's also a big lot of 1950-1951 episodes surviving. Ain't that wonderful?)

Volume one (1949-07-21, which was the final episode) (this series sounds cool. The site's description: "A scientist who has invented a time machine attempts to outsmart the greedy businessman who commissioned the invention, but both are foiled by a very crafty newspaperwoman". Ain't that wonderful?)

The wren's nest (Unidentified episode) (was this a local series?)

Your witness (1949-12-12) (this was a courtroom anthology series)

There are almost certainly other surviving episodes of 1949 ABC content at other archives, but I am lazy and can't be bothered to look them up.

Elsewhere, There's even a little bit of surviving 1948 ABC the very least, an episode exists of "The Gay Nineties Revue" survives at a Chicago archive. This can be found online.

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