Rings : The film felt rushed!

The film felt rushed!

Wow. I saw this last night. I thought it would be cool to see it in theatres since I saw the 2002 version in theatres when I was in high school. The film had some positives but moslty it felt rushed. I think the 2002 version had a good pace and shock value. This one, not so much.

Re: The film felt rushed!

I agree the 2002 Verbinski remake is kind of a masterpiece of atmosphere, pacing, script, dialog, music, everything works beautifully… this reboot isn't horrible but it definitely feels rushed, and missed opportunities are fairly easy to spot throughout the film. But I enjoyed it, and would rate it a 6.5-7 maybe.

I've always related with the Samara character because like her, I was feared by everyone that was supposed to love me.

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