Film Noir : Christmas Noirs

Christmas Noirs

We did a list a while back on the recently defunct Back Alley Forums that listed all the Noir/Neo Noirs that took place around the Christmas Holidays there are more than you'd think. What got me thinking of this was watching Roadblock which had some Christmas decorations, etc., etc. So lets make a list of Noirs that take place around the Christmas Holidays.

We came up with these:

Christmas Holiday
Crime Wave
I, The Jury
Blast Of Silence
Cover Up
Lady In The Lake
Repeat Performance

There are probably a few more.

Re: Christmas Noirs

Hi Mgt,for other X-mas Noir,Le monte-charge would be at the top of my list.For Noir titles which are partly set in the Christmas season,The French Connection introduces Hackman dressed as Santa,and the ending of Fincher's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo takes place just before Christmas.One major X-Mas Noir that I've been meaning to see for ages is Cash on Demand.

Re: Christmas Noirs

thanks for those