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Question about a Short Film

This may be a hard one...
There was a film starring Didi Conn called VIOLET that was released in the early 1980s. It won an Oscar for best short film of the year. Also, the movie is based on a short story (which I LOVED)... I have wanted to see this movie for a while but I cannot find it anywhere. If anyone has any ideas or has even seen it before, I would LOVE a response.

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Re: Question about a Short Film

Unfortunately, this message board has very low traffic, so not many users are seeing your request. I'd suggest trying the high traffic message boards "Film General" and "I Need To Know".

No need to delete your question here on this board, think of it as long term storage since your question will stay on the first page for a long time.

Also, I'd suggest using a less generic title, especially on the high traffic boards. Instead of "Qestion about a Short Film", try something like "Anybody seen the short film "Violet" (1981) with Didi Conn?" It's more likely to catch the eye of someone who has seen the film.

Oh, and one more suggestion. You can leave a post on the message board for the film itself. You'll be the first one. Obviously, extremely low traffic, but if any user happens by, it'll probably be because they've seen the film or want to.

Good luck...
That's part of your problem, you haven't seen enough movies. All of life's riddles are answered in the movies.