Four Weddings : Low Scoring Catty Brides!

Low Scoring Catty Brides!

I couldn't believe some of the women last night giving each other's weddings a 3 for experience! Never seen that before. And these weddings were NOT the worst ever by a long shot. They were decent weddings.

And the girl who was the worst offender (giving a 3 to a wedding when the other two brides gave 8s) ended up with only 43 total points I think!!!

Very catty!!!! And what's really sad about that is it was such a negative ending to a show that had some really nice ceremonies. The cattiest one had such a touching walk down the aisle. She was singing and it really was beautiful.

The second place finisher was crying and said that other people must have different "taste" which is a total put-down. But she only lost by 3 points! It was virtually a tie so I don't get why she was THAT upset.

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I haven't watched that episode yet, but this topic reminds me of a rerun I recently watched. One of the guest brides gave a 2 for overall experience because the bride was laughing and joking in the ceremony. It was ridiculous, a 2.

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I can't wait to see when someone gives a 1 score and their reasons for giving it. I'm glad it doesn't determine the overall score at least.

Ouch, mama that was my ear!

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i think i remember that one. i felt like slapping her. who thinks badly of a bride that laughs and jokes on her wedding day? utter stupidity. she was scrambling around for a dreg of a reason to mark her down