Oh My God : Oh My God, is right

Oh My God, is right

He's out there in 23 different countries asking strangers questions on what GOD is. Wonder if he ever spent the time asking his own son. I wonder.

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I was actually expecting something crass, but I think you raise a fair point in this post.


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I agree^

Has nothing to do with it!

Don't mix disconnected things together. That's unfair and devious!
God has nothing to do with it (strong believers even kill IN THE NAME OF GOD), so keep God out of this!

He was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and depression.
So he had a medical condition!

And stop judging people you don't know or try to make a "telediagnosis".

FACT: His dad contacted police several weeks ago about YouTube-clips his son had uploaded regarding "suicide and killing people". The POLICE interviewed Elliot and found him to be a "perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human".
As we now know a fatal misjudgement by the police experts.

The real topic here is to address mental illness and why the "experts" at the police were unable to take the measure of him. And foremost the stupid gun control law in this country, where even adolescents with a mental illness can legally purchase deadly weapons as they like!

According to the Sheriff "All weapons were legally purchased and were all registered to the suspect".
That's the real problem! Think about it.

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Actually mangeder, I read the killer's manifesto and I would say the OP does have a very fair point.

His dad din't contact the police, his mother did. His parents were divorced, his ftaher re-married. Now, I don't know if everything the manifesto says is true, but what it paints is a troubling view of a father who didn't seem to care much for his son, and only for his new wife. The stepmother, a French-morroccan actress, seemed to really despise the son.

So take into account the Aspergers plus a serious lack of affection and understanding from a Father and Stepmother, and you have a troubling portrait.

I agree with the OP.

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See, i'm 50 pages into the manifesto, but i've heard alot of people claim the stepmother hated the son, and that's not the way i see it. It seems to me SO FAR like the stepmother is the only person in the family who wouldn't let the son do EVERYTHING that he wanted, and he despised her for it. The father definitely seems like he was never around, and when he was he would just buy things for his son to placate him. His mother, thus far, just seems to try to cater to the kid's every whim, NEVER telling him no. The number of times in the manifesto where he says something along the lines about his mother "always doing everything she could to keep him happy" is nauseating.

The stepmother seems to be the only person saying "Get off your videogame playing-ass and do something!"

"King of the Monsters: Savior of our City?"

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I came to the same conclusion, so far it seems like the Stepmother actually cared about him and how much of a loser he was. His mother and father obviously pandered to him way too much.

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I agree with you about the stepmother.

You really want to screw up a kid? Shower him with every kind of luxury imaginable and don't make him work for anything. No wonder Elliot went nuts. He was given everything he wanted on a silver platter so he expected a relationship with a woman to be handed to him on a silver platter like everything else in his life. When he didn't get that, he couldn't handle it and resorted to violence. I blame Elliot's parents more than anything.

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The same ghostwriter who wrote about Bin Laden being killed also wrote this tag for Elliot Rodger's mass murder. "The parents found out what was contained on his blog, then raced up north to Isla Vista, but alas, it was too late…"

Right, happens all the time in Hollywood. My parents would have let the cops handle it.