Goofs : Closing Boards Goof!

Closing Boards Goof!

"IMDb customers have migrated to IMDb's social media accounts as the primary place they choose to post comments and communicate with IMDb's editors and one another."
LOL - LIES! Are you politicians now? Just tell the truth! Your bosses are too greedy and niggardly to pay for moderators, and you're scared the unpoliced forums will result in some butt-hurt 'star' suing you for some libellous half truths written by a user - but they're not going to sue! These boards have indeed died a death, but they're still a draw.
No one has 'migrated' to Twitter - you never get replies! And how can we discuss anything in 140 characters - to random Twitter users - we'll be ignored just as you are!? As for your Facebook page - YOU'VE DISABLED POSTING TO YOUR WALL!!!!!1 LOL - so please stop lying - we're all sick of it! That's why Trump got in - he said vile stuff, but at least he was honest (mostly, sort of) and that was enough! The truth is you're getting greedy and would rather keep the few thousand dollars you'd need to run the boards and want to give that pittance to the execs instead. This will backfire badly. have always struggled to branch out from video games to cover movies and TV - but they have forums and this may well be the turning point for them and a disaster for you. Twitter - UNFOLLOW! Facebook - UNLIKE! LOL - brain dead [clown] .

Re: Closing Boards Goof!

I (kind of) second this motion.
Let's say i watched a movie for the first time that originally came out in the 90s. Naturally I would turn to the IMDb message boards to see what's up.

Where do i go now?
To the facebook page? Must be a joke.
To twitter? I don't even use twitter.

See, this is a dilemma for many many many users.
Without the message boards, i will not be able to find out if a movie really is worth watching. I solely rely on the 2-sentence synopsis AND a few user contributed message board entries. I don't even read reviews because most of the time they're just biased or by people involved with the movie.