True Crime : Turkish - Arabian War in Berlin (Germany)

Turkish - Arabian War in Berlin (Germany)

Beginning of this month the Turks and Arabs had a special New Year's celebration.
It happened in a Shisha Bar at Berlin-Lichtenberg where my Rap neph lives.
Means, Sophie-mousy 🐭 was safe…they celebrated far away from her bathtub.

Seems, they caught the prime suspect now. His name isn't mentioned publicly.
Usually the name is published if it's a German or leastwise a german-sounding name.
Therefore, you can assume the suspect isn't a German.

"Turkish-Lebanese Dispute" in Berlin:
Samurai Sword and Shots in the Genital Area – Homicide Commission investigates

January 03, 2023 05:10 AM

Several shots were fired in front of a bar in Berlin-Lichtenberg on Monday evening.
A man was hit. Police found a sword.

A Samurai sword, shots and a police operation: Late Monday evening there was a serious argument between several men in front of a bar in Berlin-Lichtenberg.
Police-internally they talk about a "Turkish-Lebanese dispute".

A sword is said to have initially played a role at the corner of Frankfurter Allee and Alfredstraße. According to internal information from the police, five shots were fired. A man was hit three times.

As per official information from the Berlin police situation center during the night, one person was seriously injured and transported to the hospital. The injured person is said to be owner of the bar.

After the shots: Police operation in Lichtenberg

The victim is said to have suffered severe injuries to the stomach and genitals and needed an emergency surgery in a clinic. There were also talks about injuries from the sword.

The Criminal Police of Directorate 3 first negotiated with the State Criminal Police Office whether they would take over the investigation. According to information from the Tagesspiegel (= Daily Mirror), the discussion was whether it could only be a case of dangerous bodily harm because the perpetrator had given up his intention to kill and fled.
Finally, the homicide squad took over the investigation into an attempted homicide.

The crime scene was spaciously cordoned off by the Police.
Forensic scientists secured evidence at the scene, including bullet casings and the Samurai sword.
Emergency chaplains currently care for witnesses in an ambulance.
Sorry, behind a paywall and in German.

The "Samurai sword" looks for me like a Turkish dagger, but I'm not a weapons expert.

Welcome to Berlin-Germany!

Now will check, with what ingenious Bitch-Nazi-Hitler-GIF MovieManCin2 pleased me again.

Re: Turkish - Arabian War in Berlin (Germany)

Sophie-mousy 🐭 aka Pink Giraffe
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