Extinction : My view on this movie

My view on this movie

Well first: they had the balls to make this movie and not just sit at home and comment on work of others.
Second: Ben Lloyd Holmes is very good, the locations in Wales are excellent and the cast is pretty decent.

The reality is: it is too long, they should have made it 80 minutes tops. The shakey footage is a stupid idea. Anyone who goes to the jungle to shoot a pro report does not shoot like a moron on holiday. Besides it is just effin annoying to look at.

Painted latex does not make a special effect, they should have done a smarter job, diffuse the image with mist / rain / whatever instead of this halloween costume looking thing.

Sound design is pretty decent but in the end it is just too long, boring and self indulging.

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Exactly what I thought :-) if they made the movie way shorter it could have been entertaining...

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I can't stand found footage movies now they have become too common. In most cases like this it seems it is just to keep the budget down.

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