My Policeman : Strange and bland story representation…

Strange and bland story representation…

…that felt strained and timid in parts, yet worked well in others.

I liked that it touched on the sick and hypocritical British criminal justice aspect behind homosexuality being deemed illegal and immoral and the gay sex scenes were sensual and enticing. The het ones were boring and stiff, but that was to be expected.

It did seem a little convenient narrative wise, when Marion mentioned to her female colleague that Tom and Patrick were engaging in a homosexual love affair and her colleague implied she was a lesbian and that Tom wasn't going to change. It spoiled the conflict of Marion's angry and homophobic attitude at the time for the sake of some preaching, due to her feeling betrayed.

Also what happened to Patrick's life after he was released from jail? Was there any further contact with him? Not to mention the point of Marion wanting to clear her conscience after all those years and that was her decision that Patrick would be better off with Tom, even though Patrick had had a stroke and Tom and Patrick were denied a life together to begin with. This was rendered glib.

The theme about Tom deceiving Marion is only somewhat valid. Women were accepted for who they were and could have gotten with any man. Homosexual men, (Tom was really bi), didn't get much of a choice. It was either get married to front up to the projected norm of society, or go underground and risk being arrested and imprisoned for not being breeder "normal".

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