Halloween Ends : Dark movie, more like drama

Dark movie, more like drama

But it is not bad movie as hysteria currently rampages (November 2022).
It is simply boring drama for the middle part. The start of movie is ok. The end is ok.

I like the message about the evil:
"You know, there are two kinds of evil. There's the evil that exists as an external force that threatens the well-being of the tribe. Survival depends on understanding and awareness and fear of physical threat to our daily lives.
The other kind of evil lives inside us. Like a sickness or an infection. It's more dangerous because we may not know we're infected."

Re: Dark movie, more like drama

I haven't seen "HALLOWEEN ENDS" but I have heard a lot of negative things about it.

I heard that it has in it almost the same kind of twist that "FRIDAY THE 13th: PART V - A NEW BEGINNING" had which was the killer actually being an imposter.