Audrey Hepburn : Anyone else think young Millie Perkins is Elizabeth Taylor-Audrey Hepburn mix?

Anyone else think young Millie Perkins is Elizabeth Taylor-Audrey Hepburn mix?

Months ago I saw the 50s movie based on Anne Frank's diary and I as just incredibly flabbergasted at how much Millie Perkins who plays Anne Frank looks so much like Audrey Hepburn in some scenes and still shots and my beloved Elizabeth Taylor (see my username!!!!!) for a lot of the film! Practically she resembles like a mix of both throughout the movie if she doesn't outright looks like a clone copy of either in specific scenes.

Am I the only one who thought this? It was a so shocking move that an unknown secretary as chosen to play Anne I remember reading in a magazine and it as seen as very risky. After seeing the movie my thought was its obvious Perkins doesn't have much acting experience… But her being the weakest actress in a mostly brilliant movie was easily made up by the fact she seemed to resemble my 2 fav movie stars of all time (my username explains a lot!)!!!!

So I take it the producer suddenly just looked at a pic of Millie Perkins suddenly saw Audrey Hepburn's vibe, and after Audrey herself refused the role, decided to call her in as immediate replacement and was completely convinced on the spot when she saw how damn gorgeous Millie look in in person esp when her face was very Elizabeth Taylor-like?!!!

I enjoyed the movie far more than I thought despite Perkin's bad acting. Her so beautiful face made up for it and it was a treat to finally see how an Audrey-Elizabeth cross would have appeared onscreen! Mlle is just a bit shy on matching the same ballpark as Audrey and Elizabeth but man despite being a couple points lower, absolutely got both stars' type of beauty so spot on in specific scenes and still photos and as the closest woman in the world to perfectly blending both Goddesses's faces!

Am I alone in seeing this?