Cult Films : Troma picks up weird comedy "The Kisser"

Troma picks up weird comedy "The Kisser"

After successful screenings the Manhattan Film Festival in April 2019, Festival of Cinema NYC in August 2019 and Coney Island Film Festival September 2019; Bobo Touch Helpline – This Kisser is now available at Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Now. Filmed entirely in Brooklyn.

Bobo Touch Helpline – This Kisser, the third episode/short – In this dark comedy, a creepy man named "The Kisser" attacks strangers on the NYC subway, by handing out unwanted kisses and inserting bugs into their mouths. Community helpline 'Bobo Touch' takes extra measures to solve this case.

Directed and stars Brian Bonz and Mike Rizzo, both from Bay Ridge, nominees for Best Web Series (Bobo Touch Helpline) at Festival of Cinema NYC 2019. Also stars Nicholas M Garofolo, Coney Island, who lead role in “Twenty Twenty” (Troma) which won " Best Psychedelic Fantasy Short Film " at Retro Avant Garde Film Festival, Mike Strandberg, Bay Ridge, who is in the first 2 Bobo Touch Helpline films, Bonnie Schneider and Brooklyn Council Member Justin Brannan makes a guest appearance.

"The Kisser does an admirable job of taking pre-established characters and allowing the comedic talents of its performers to flourish. The plot is ridiculous, but this is to be expected. It is the charisma, confidence and charm of stars Brian Bonz, Mike Rizzo, Nicholas Garofolo and Mike Strandberg which really sell this episode (and their extravagant array of wigs and facial hair). The performers project a real sense of warmth into a truly bizarre concept which could have otherwise descended into uncomfortable or awkward territory" - UK Film Review