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Did you kno

Trees communicate with each other? If a tree is being eaten by an insect it will tell all the other trees so they can save themselves. Even a block of wood is more compassionate than you *****.

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i did actually just recently heard of that, yes. they communicate through water and nutrients, sending distress signals into the network during a drought, a disease or when insects attack. the trees that receive the signals change their behaviour then, according to the situation, like they begin to sprout more leaves or pull them in or they start oozing out tree gum and resin. i mean they're living beings after all. a lot of trees can even feel sort of pain and anguish, like during wildfires, it's quite sad.

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Not the same, but…"Other Voices" dealt with plants, although not trees, afaIr.
Examines groundbreaking experiments that show the possibility that plants respond to people's thoughts.

Examines whether plants are capable of communicating with human beings. It looks at Marcel Vogel who claims that plants are capable of communication and Dorothy Retallack who claims that plants respond to music. It examines Kirlian photography of plants and Cleve Backster's use of a polygraph on plants and yogurt bacteria.


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