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unhinged review

i wrote last year that i thought the fat beard man would date the lady in the car. that was how it looked in the commercial. i don't want to spoil if i was right or not.

i thought the movie was dumb because nobody did anything when bad stuff happened. like when he would kill people and hit them with cars, they just took video but didn't try to help. in real life that doesn't happen. people always help when someone is in trouble. nobody just stands there and takes video with their phone while letting people commit crimes and stuff.

the lady doing her makeup in the car and what happened was funny even though nobody would do that. the double tap comment was funny too.

the first lady thinking a flip phone has gps was also stupid. he also kept knocking her out but she was conscience within seconds and that's impossible.

i don't like how the lesson in the end is to not beep at people because why would cars have horns to beep if not to beep them.

i give this movie a 5/10. i will raise it to 6/10 if they make a sequel.

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also i liked it better than the space oddity movie that people said was smart because of symbolism and ambiguous and they were afraid to say that it's not a good movie because they think they sound smart by saying that movie is brilliant. i posted a review here.