Film General : How would we fix imdb?

How would we fix imdb?

IMO, it's too big and ungainly.

Iwould jettison perhaps not all but 70per cent of short films, mainly amateur stuff, youtube vids, studet films, all there for vanity, and list only things that have been released.
Any amateur FEATURE pic that got a single cast/crew showing at a local cinema or bunged on youtube would have to be decided on, say Alaskan effort Land of Midnight Sun , but I feel
I'd also narrow down on youtube/vimeo amateurism, remove videogames, musicvids.

Part of me thinks Short films (esp. those post-2010 moved to their own db)
Problematically further ghettoises the genre but it frees up info though again actors mkght have double entries.

Anyone with a cell phone can now a photographer, film creator, influencer, etc.
we're reaching the point where anything is a short film. We're already getting tiktoks listed. A moving image is as easy as a photo.

It's like having a painting database. Have a New Media database that acts as a kind of blend of imdb, youtube and Deviantart.