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Question (and answer)

What are some signs of a creepy neighbor?

Back in the 90's, my ex-husband, our three children, and I lived in a quiet neighborhood of Tampa. My phone rings and it's the elderly gentleman across the street and I ask him how he was doing and he replied “fine” and then he proceeds to share with me how much he liked my green socks. My heart skipped a beat because at that exact moment all I was wearing were a green pair of socks!

Obviously he could see into my house. But how? Later that evening I shared the bizarre phone call with my husband and he went across the street to speak with said elderly man (he's not a gentleman anymore) about my green socks. He then notices 6 or more sets of different sized binoculars and those opera-type glasses lined up on the windowsill.

My husband asks him “what are those for??” Mr. Creepypants responds with a sly grin, “those are so I can spy on Lisa and see what she's doing during the day!”

Well, there goes another misconception about lonely retired gentlemen. My husband gathered up the binoculars and threw them in the trash. That was all he had to do to get the point across because we never spoke again.

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Lisa from work? Is that you?

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Something like this happened,
to a co-worker of yours, named Lisa? 😂