True Crime : Dude check this shit out!

Dude check this shit out!

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Re: Dude check this shit out!

That was some interesting stuff.

The first one was amusing with the pot smoker and I say bravo to him over a stupid law. Something that judges can push for legislative decriminalization for. Then there was the douchbag that kept threatening the judge and she kept holding him in contempt. Thing is, sometimes it is difficult to not want to hold some of these pompous ass judges in contempt and what does it really serve to imprison a person for contempt? Many wont even care and it only costs the system more money. When a con is on more serious charges and is going to be incarcerated for a long time, it doesn't really make much difference.

The woman at the end crying must've decided that she didn't want to spend a couple of weeks in the can so her tears got her exonerated from the rest of the contempt citation, but why was she snickering over something that her own daughter did that took the life of another person?

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