Religion, Faith, and Spirituality : Man, I attended a new church for 2 weeks straight

Man, I attended a new church for 2 weeks straight

Nobody from my family would even go with me. It was explained to me that the church was fairly new, I saw about 30 people attend.

Then drama in my life happened. Next time I went to visit that church the pastor is showing off his brand new Apple watch. He's spamming facebook with photos of his family. All the places they go. How he remodeled attic space to make a play room for his children.

Then he texted me about how over 180 people attended his Easter Sunday Service. Like I had anything to do with it. Like he's trying to make me feel guilty. Like I didn't rain on his parade. And he is still trying to pray for me even after I asked him to stop. Then things got worse for me so I asked him to pray. It's like a parasitic relationship in which I'm the host.

Suddenly his church is do popular after me being there a few times. He hasn't even showed me what he did to get all of that publicity. Just one thing about eating at a Greek restaurant and the restaurant will donate some of the products to his church. Wow. Greek gyros are really lucrative apparently.

Meanwhile I get sexually harassed and hated. Fuck the world.