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Re: Was "Married With Children" on the air longer than "Modern Family"?

How many more damn times are you going to post the same things?

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Re: Was "Married With Children" on the air longer than "Modern Family"?

So, did Ed O'Neill technically surpass his tenure on "Married With Children"?

No, not technically. Quite literally, he *technically* did not because the show was on for the same number of seasons but less episodes.

You may have an argument that he surpassed it non-technically.

The reasoning you give supports the opposite of your opinion. What matters on paper is the number of seasons, not the number of years it took to release those seasons.

They both still have 11 seasons, yet Al Bundy was in 9 more episodes. So Al wins by both accounts.

You would have a good point if say, Modern Family was only for 10 seasons, but Jay was higher than Al in episode count; or, the opposite, if Modern Family was for 12 seasons, but Al still had more episodes. In both examples, you could say Ed O'Neill surpassed Al in either episode count or number of seasons; as it stands, you can't say either one.