TV General : Flashback Monday: Full Nielsen Ratings From The 1993-94 TV Season

Flashback Monday: Full Nielsen Ratings From The 1993-94 TV Season

I got out some of my old TV Guides and decided to upload a pic of the full Nielsen ratings for the 93-94 TV season that TV used to publish (or they not do this anymore?).

If you like, I can upload some more.

Also, I should note something a bit bizzare, I always though "Home Improvement" was the top rated show of the 1993-94 season (I also saw in this in EW) that same year.

But in the book, The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, 1946-Present it list, "60 Minutes" as the top rated show. Even though both are taken for the same ratings data period (September-April).

Though I would share that anyway…

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Re: Flashback Monday: Full Nielsen Ratings From The 1993-94 TV Season

Great season indeed.

Besides, "Boy Meets World" which ran for 7 seasons, we also get other shows (some great, some not) that had respectable runs.

Here's a list of some shows that reached (some crawled) to at the very least a 4th season:

–"NYPD Blue" (12 seasons)
–"Frasier" (11 seasons)
–"The X-Files" (9 seasons)
–"Diagnosis Murder" (8 seasons)
–"Walker, Texas Ranger" (8 seasons)
–"Sister, Sister" (6 seasons)
–"The Nanny" (6 seasons)
–"Grace Under Fire" (5 seasons)
–"Living Single" (5 seasons)
–"Ellen" (then titled, "These Friends of Mine") (5 seasons)
–"Dave's World" (4 seasons)
–"The John Larroquette Show" (4 seasons)
–"Lois & Clark" (4 seasons)

Note, "The X-Files" is near the bottom of the list. Obviously it was a great idea for FOX to listen to the critics and it's viewers.

Also, "Seinfeld" steps it up a notch in a very big way…more than filling the void for NBC after "Cheers" left, something "A Different World" was never able to do for the "The Cosby Show" on the same night a season before.

In late night, Letterman moves to CBS, Conan takes over Letterman's place at NBC and FOX hopes to hit it big with "The Chevy Chase Show".

…And then there was the now forgotten great time slot battle over on Sunday's:

CBS–Murder, She Wrote (the aging long-time slot winner for almost a decade)
NBC–seaQuest DSV (Spielberg gets back into television and once again teams with the peacock in this big budget family show)
ABC–Lois & Clark (A speeding demo train for ABC)

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