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You silly silly republicans

Always so afraid of the socialist agenda of the ultra rich having to actually pay taxes to help out the poor and destitute,yet the cold hard truth is that the rich have been stealing from the poor or even middle class forever,all through bribing high powered congressmen and senators .Tax cuts ,tax shelters ,stock market bailouts, paying less then a living wage ,oh and billions of dollars of Covid small business loans making its way to very rich business the pos republicans cite the deficit for the reason they don’t want to give out 1200 dollar checks..Im not saying that the Dems are innocent ,most very rich Dems are just as short sighted and greedy. I really don’t think the next civil war will be between republicans and Democrats,but between so called poor middle class and the corrupt gov ,nothing will unite people more then a millions of previously middle class people now facing hunger and homelessness,thx to a gov for the rich ,paid for by the rich .

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Republicans are always fine running up deficits as long as the money is being spent on themselves and their friends, then as soon as the Democrats are in charge and want to spend to help those that really need it, republicans become deficit hawks again. They have no conscience.

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And sadly, the rich have somehow convinced the middle class to look down on the poor while ignoring the massive wealth that the rich are accumulating.

I actually had a middle class friend posting that we shouldn't "bite the hands that feed us" because if they start taxing the rich they will just take it out on their workers to get back their profits. What kind of mob boss mentality is that?

If you are rich or a business man I can understand you being a republican, but if you're middle class or lower and you still consider yourself a republican, then you are just a fucking idiot.